Introduction to Neptune Network

Buy, Sell, Swap Gift cards on Neptune Defi

Neptune DeFi is the first of its kind, on the Neptune DeFi platform, users are able to convert their Gift Cards (Amazon, Google play, Sephora, iTunes, eBay and many more) to their native currency instantly.

A Decentralized Multifunctional Wallet to Store Digital Assets

Neptune Network was created to solve the solution of many problems faced today in the world, solutions like; Making you in charge of your finance by creating a decentralized multifunctional wallet where you store digital assets also, giving you the ability to swap your assets to any coins of your choice.

Neptune Network Stable Token (NPST)

Neptune Network gives special preference to her users, we believe many new persons will join the network and might not understand the volatility of the market, NPST is a stable token that is created to allow users keep the value of their assets (Cryptocurrencies) when the market seems not to be going their direction and also a very essential asset that will be used on the Neptune DeFi platform.


Staking/farming is a multiplication feature on the Neptune Network, Neptune Network is locking 40% of her native token (NPT) to reward users monthly with a fixed percentage which will gradually decrease until all locked funds are released.

Neptune Network’s native ecosystem token: the Neptune Network token (NPT)

NPT tokens, are the native currency of Neptune Network driving all of its features, products, and incentive structures including staking rewards.

Token Allocation

Total Supply: 10,000,000 TFI

  • Locked Up Funds: 30%(3,000,000)NPT
  • Development & Marketing: 25%(2,500,000)NPT
  • Community: Airdrop; 10%(1,000,000)NPT

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Neptune Network is a blockchain project created to solve utility related problems through the use of Neptune network technology solutions..