Airdrop is Live

Neptune Network is one of the first project to create a blockchain market online place where you buy and sell in a decentralized global community.

Airdrop is live , we will be rewarding the community with 10% of the total supply..

Each participants will receive 25 $NPT worth $50

kindly visit to download the white paper.

kindly visit to participate and refer your friends!

Airdrop Link:

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6. Fill Form Below
7. Refer Your Friend and earn 2.5 NPT worth $5

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Smart Contract: TDk7cXkzJ7sMwHKKeoYP44bMmaMDBvYWYz

For support: info@neptunenetwork

Buy, Sell, Swap Gift cards on Neptune Defi

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A Decentralized Multifunctional Wallet to Store Digital Assets

Neptune Network was created to solve the solution of many problems faced today in the world, solutions like; Making you in charge of your finance by creating a decentralized multifunctional wallet where you store digital assets also, giving you the ability to swap your assets to any coins of your choice.

Neptune Network Stable Token (NPST)

Neptune Network gives special preference to her users, we believe many new persons will…

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Neptune Network is a blockchain project created to solve utility related problems through the use of Neptune network technology solutions..

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